warp and weft to weave a shroud

yet unravel it ere night should fall

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17 February
United States
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drawing (poorly), fantasy, fiction, food (always), forgetting things (oftener), internet (obsessively), losing things (often), mystery, open-minded, ranting (in my head), reading (a lot), singing (off-key), too many, writing (sporadically)
Hello. Well, if you're here and reading this then you might want to know something about me.

I'm an average girl with average looks, an average life, and a desire to be a little less average. I love chocolate and mint whether they are separate or together. I don't like tea but wish I did. I enjoy the smell of coffee beans, but hate coffee itself. I prefer my fire-roasted marshmallows burnt almost to ash, but won't eat a blackened hotdog from the grill. If my headphones are on I will try to sing along and dance from the waist up, whether or not people are around. However, I won't do more than bob my head to the music at an actual dance. I enjoy writing, but often don't. Like most of the human race, I'm a walking contradiction.